Polly Apfelbaum

Blossom . 2000

Polly Apfelbaum

Apfelbaum is known for her pallete of stunning, eye-popping colors and hues. These works transform the colors of mass culture -- of television, saturated magazine ads, bags of Wonder Bread -- into wild, oscillating spectra bordering on the organic. Dusk red blobs fan rows of yellow leaves; teardrop shapes of black nudge indigo forms resembling paramecium, single-cells, or algae blooms. One of the most original artists working today, Apfelbaum's painting pushes past its traditional disciplinary forms, off the wall, and into pop culture. Apfelbaum's work calls for audiences to think about the pleasure of aesthetic experience -- and to experience the pleasure of aesthetics.

Polly Apfelbaum . Mini Hollywood . 2010

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