MYZ _ "NEST" . single family house . Nagano

courtesy of no.555

I aimed to assimilate,because the quiet surroundings .
The building filled with soil, and low proportions.
Levels in each room is a little lower, the animals like to enter in "nest".
Also the concrete wall is like a bird nest of woven grass.
I aimed " the quiet architecture " idyllic landscape.
Takuya Tsuchida

■ MYZ _ "NEST", single family house,
location:Nagano, Japan
Architect:no.555 _ Takuya Tsuchida
Structural design :frame works _ Megumi Akimoto
Photographer:Koichi Torimura
Design period:2009.05 - 2011.03
Construction period :2011.05 – 2011.09
site area:335.96 ㎡
Floor Area:97.39

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