arhitektura Krušec

Competition Center Obala . Debeli rtič

arhitektura Krušec

As the building is situated in an extremely sensitive part of the Arboretum Debeli rtič, the main concern of this project was devoted to the relationship between the existing natural environment and the built. Architecture can create a connection to nature only by representing its compositional contrary.

This relationship is mirrored in the dialogue of horizontal slabs and vertical tree trunks. The shape of the building is very defined by a previously prepared urban plan, therefore the essence of the proposition is in the organization of inner spaces. Its main characteristic is the open design of public parts of the building, hallways and communal spaces. Communal spaces always represent the end of a hallway and open into the surrounding nature to allow panoramic views. The main communal space is situated next to the main stairway and is positioned along the main cluster of trees. A large glass wall makes the connection to the outside even more perceptible. This main space also represents the central orientation point.

Authors Lena Krušec, Tomaž Krušec, Vid Kurinčič
Project team Nina Bobinac, Jagoda Gorloff, Martin Pelcl
Competition2010 (3rd prize)

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