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Theater extension . Cachan

O-S architects

The new Theater of Cachan aims to transform the neighborhood with an urban, cultural and social point of view.

The entrance of the Theatre, as an outstretched hand that prompts and guides visitors, is marked by a fold that pace the length of the façade.
The building appears as a simple volume, made up of two overlapping entities. A first transparent volume disconnects the project from the ground: it is the foyer, open and lively, offering a set of openings and revealing the inner volume. A second mineral volume composed of terracotta elements, stands over the first volume and envelopes the project as a stage curtain.

The new project is organized around the existing and central auditorium. On the ground floor, a generous reception area structures the whole distribution with the two auditoriums, the cafeteria and the exhibition space.
The new 250 seats auditorium fits behind the existing one in order to share the new technical spaces and facilitate the flow of actors, technicians and logistic staff.
The overall image of the project is conceived as a technological and functional tool that confirms the dynamism of the city of Cachan, for the sake of architectural and landscape quality.

Lieu / LOCATION Cachan (94)
Date / SCHEDULE Livraison septembre 2014
Coût / BUDGET 7 200 000 € HT
Surface SHON 3 000 m²
Maîtrise d’ouvrage / CLIENT
CA Val de Bièvre
Partenaires / CONSULTANT
Zebra 3 (BET fluides HQE®, économiste)
Batiserf (BET structure)
Ducks Scéno (scénographe)
JP Lamoureux (acousticien)

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