Capasso . Vendemmia . Falcone . Sirica . Aurino


design team: Danilo Capasso, Bruna Vendemmia, Laura Falcone, Anna Sirica, Giovanni Aurino. 3D : Carmine Ciuccio

The project is based on a territorial strategy in which the river is the main axis of development for the site, the entire city and the surrounding areas as well.

The core idea is the creation of a public riverside park, beginning in the site and extending northwestward, in the study areas and also beyond them; the city and its surroundings will be reshaped along this green & water lung which improves and re-functions the riverside.
The park is the framework of an integrated system including woods, wild green areas, leftover spaces (dross) and a residential eco-quarter. The public park along the left bank will be a major urban attractor and will facilitate the visual and functional connection between the two parts of the city that are, nowadays, completely separated. For this reason the project title is: "ville+Sambre+ville"; today the right bank is characterized by more dense urbanity, while the left one looks as the "back side" of the city. Improving the riverside will give equal urban status to both banks.
Starting from the proposal of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge, a more than 300 meters red ribbon spans between the two river banks, running over the bridge and then, on a green sound barrier thus framing the north end of the site and protecting it from the railway noise pollution. It stays as a landscape art gesture, to represent the idea of re-connection of the project area to the city and viceversa.
Halfway between the railway bridge and the industrial dock, located south of the site, an observation tower with a multipurpose public hall will overlook the riverside.
Considering Sambreville geographical position (15 km from Charleroi and 23 from Namur), the project also proposes the construction of a new residential eco-quarter on the site: in fact, Sambreville could be a good resi­dential choice for those who want to enjoy nature proximity without moving too far from major urban centers.
The river environmental improvement will also promote boat tourism in the area: in the short- medium
term, the industrial dock could be converted to pleasure boating port with riverside sport facilities.
The old "Lock Keeper's House" will then become "The River House", a base for the river activities coordination.

re-programming the riverside

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