John Chamberlain

Nutcracker . 1958

John Chamberlain . + moma

American sculptor, painter, printmaker and film maker in 1957 he moved to New York where he made his first works out of crushed car parts, such as Shortstop (1957; New York, Dia A. Found.), a practice for which he became immediately recognized and recognizable.
During the mid-1960s he continued in this mode, expanding its formal vocabulary to include larger free-standing complexes and wall reliefs, always emphasizing fit and spontaneity. This work earned him instant critical association with the Junk art movement.

Essex . 1960

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19 de marzo de 2012, 16:44 Austin Scott Brooks dijo...

I love the work of John Chamberlain. His sculptures are much more than simply jagged car parts. I had the chance to see Chamberlain's work up close at John Chamberlain: Choices at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. Being able to get up close to each piece was simply amazing. I may have to go back for a second look.

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