The office-cum-gallery interior is a space created around and under the influence of items that are to be found in there: the desk designed by world famous architect - Zaha Hadid, Amadeo Modigliani sculpture and Roman Opałka image.

Works of art and also objects of desire exert almost magical impact on reality in which they appear. The project relates to this metaphor literally and shows priceless objects deforming and managing architectural surfaces of this interior. The works generate zones of magnetic influence around themselves, which while interacting with one another, define its scope. The office becomes an unusual gallery where objects are not presented against white, not suggesting its context background, but on the contrary, are embedded in the frame which is characteristic for this particular location.

Boris Kudlicka
Marcin Mostafa
Natalia Paszkowska

Iwona Borkowska

Ewelina Mrozek, Katarzyna Stępniak

WITH Michał Piasecki (parametrics)

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