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Skyscape Church . Vaaler

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Meant to provide symbolic landmark to succeed the old building, burnt down in 2009, the new Vaaler church is placed further east from the placement of the old church, marking the historic axis with its tower.

The new building is designed as a simple box where one corner is lifted up in order to point out the church room and the tower. More images and architects’ description after the break.
The functions are organized in such way that the church is highly flexible regarding alternative use of the building. The entrance hall and the church room are placed alongside each other so that the two spaces can be joined and create one large room for events such as Christmas market or concerts. Inside the church room, the ceiling is composed of a stepping grid construction in wood like an inverted skyscape, letting light into the room.
Representative for the important forestry industry in the municipality of Vaaler, the new monument is to be made of massive timber elements, defining the church as an innovative and ambitious establishment in the local community.

Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Nora Fossum, Krystian Dziopek, Karolina Kierner, Mette B. G. Steffensen, Kristian Hindsberg, Casper Berntsen

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