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Bank Office . Harelbeke

Dierendonck Blancke Architecten . Photos: © Filip Dujardin . + archdaily

The mission to rehabilitate an existing bank facility in Harelbeke fits within revitalization of Dexia.

The addition to the program with 8 office spaces, increases the necessity to build an extension.
The existing corner building, a protected city view, is preserved and renovated. Itbecomes the main entrance to the bank facility. On this zone a ATM-zone is installed. The first level keeps its program as apartment.
All offices are regrouped in a new volume, which is located on the existing parking lot. On demand of Dexia everything is organized on 1 level, which results in a clear scheme. The internal circulation of the extension with the corner building and the existing part with non-public functions, is organized through the connection volumes.
These make it possible to visually disconnect the existing with the new structure. This creates a solitude building with its own identity that is in juxtaposition with the two existing wings. This results in intermediate spaces that allow light and space to enter.
The pitched roof ,obligatory by local urban rules, is cut so that sufficient light can enter the center of the building. Due to the severe slope and by gently lifting up the building, it was possible to create a new parking of 15 parking places.

Design team: Alexander Dierendonck, Isabelle Blancke, Pieter Mouton

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