AUTHORS: Ana Sofia Amador . Gonçalo Batista . João Gama Varandas . Mariana Santana . + archmedium

"Cooking, like architecture, manifests itself in building.

The cook, like the architect, draws on an infinite array of creative resources which make it possible to create wonders from basic construction materials. But even using the finest marble or the best caviar, success is not guaranteed. Architecture, like cooking, evolves and lasts in the form of memories, tastes and temperatures." - Ferran Adrià

The core idea behind this Marketlab is of a place where unconventional gastronomical creation and production can take place, and where the act of cooking can be seen as a state of mind as well as an art form. An off the menu space that goes beyond the established cooking schools or the static idea of a restaurant.
The program seeks to associate the concept of MarketLab to that of Paris’ traditional covered markets,reinventing them and generating a network of spaces for creation and gastronomical education. As so, the building concept proposes a fusion and reinterpretation of the city’s archetypes: Haussmann’s grid, the typology of the market, and the reemerging idea of the edible garden. The ground level, as a continuous public path between the city, the building and the market, generates a covered plaza that develops into an architectural promenade and guides you from the street level to the top of the building. Throughout the stairs we are constantly drawn to look at views of the city or the building’s interior, until we reach the top where an opened to the sky edible garden is revealed.
Flexible and ever-changing, the interior space for creative gastronomic experiences helps to develop an interaction between teaching, learning and tasting. The ultimate goal is to establish a relationship between the way we experience food and architecture and, in the end, to find and re-discover the taste for space.

archmedium competition PARIS MARKETLAB.

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