García Fallola . Arderius

Fratres . Europan 11 . kosovo

design team: Roberto García Fallola . Hector Arderius

The linear undulating boundary is formed by U shaped buildings allowing a transversal circulation between the building complex and the vast green areas beyond the boundary of Peje.

Each of these buildings is a residential unit formed of a U shaped plinth responding to the human scale, on which sit small towers in relation to the vast vegetation and the city skyline.
The lower level hosts all common areas of the residence such as dining, kitchen and laundry as well as a big open flexible space of mixed use including lecture rooms and classrooms. The towers are dedicated to the student's private dormitories. By incorporating both common and private spaces, each tower allows its dwellers to interact forming vibrant student communities.
The campus is perceived as a unit spanning between the residences and the road with a linear green park running along the residential side, separating it from the faculties building. The faculties building is a complex volume of smaller parts carved out of the natural topography, with plinth being the primary visible element. This volume is complemented by structures of light tectonic nature where the program demands accessibility and openness. Three big courtyards, inspired by the quadrangles of English Universities represent the university as human institution and serve as open spaces connecting the institutional buildings (main lecture hall and conference rooms) and providing access to the faculties.

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