Mies van der Rohe . AMOSDESIGN

Tugendhat Villa Renovation . Brno

Architect: Mies van der Rohe . Renovation architect: Association for the Villa Tugendhat . Interior realized by: AMOSDESIGN . + inhabitat

In March 2012 the Tugendhat Villa designed by the architect Mies van Der Rohe was reopened after a two-year renovation.
AMOSDESIGN carried out the survey of the interior design and its renovation. Our major achievements include the rediscovery and re-installation of the Macassar partition and the creation of unique replicas of period furniture and metal sitting furniture in accordance with new drawings made thanks to information gained from research.

Property owner and investor: Statutory city of Brno
Renovation architect: Association for the Villa Tugendhat
General contractor: Unistav
Interior realized by: AMOSDESIGN
Furniture and interior research for implementation: Miroslav Ambroz and AMOSDESIGN
Supervision: THICOM

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