Ideas on the Edge Competition

Leon11 . Architects: Ana Peñalba Estebanez, Jaime López, Javier Gutierrez, Laura Dominguez, Alicia Domingo. Illustrator: Quique de la Rubia

The aim of the proposal is to regenerate the Parramalta Riverside with two core elements developing three precise actions:

01. the Golden Lane:
a plot perimetre shaped street in the sky configurates linear public spaces that qualify the existing programs.
02. the Wild Nature:
Parramalta Riverside becomes a small wild parkin the middle of the city. Hugged by the Golden Lane in the wildness we can find cultural and sport facilities with nature-like characteristics.
+Versus Décolletage the Backless Oress strategy: to enphasize mistery and surprise is a must in this plot. All adjacent buildings show their back to the riverbank, in order to transform this condition into a capital gain we propose the Riverside to become a new meeting point
+Versus Communication Breakdown the Vueling Strategy: The golden lane gives unity to the existing area, connecting both sides of the river.
+Versus Alienation the Grow and Sow strategy: Every program has the opportunity of having an added value, by extending their activities to the wild park or connecting to the new programs in the lane.

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