J. Mayer H. Architects

JOH3 Apartmenthouse . Berlin

J. MAYER H . photos: © Rick Jannack . + bustler

Spreading over two floors, the white facade, with few openings, gives the building a distinctive and abstract look.

Built as a dwelling for their owners and as a small hotel, just two large openings on the ground floor, corresponding to the dining and the living room, are establishing a relationship with the exterior. The surrounding landscape of extensive olive groves, nearby pastures and the town of Arraiolos in the distance form an appropriate bucolic background.
One of these openings contains also the main entrance. The ceiling, walls and even the entrance door are lined by cork, thus giving the entrance a warm and sensual atmosphere.
The reception area, kitchen, dining room and living room are arranged around a square-shaped courtyard, at the end of which an external staircase gives access to the upper floor.
The construction encloses a central patio allowing the entry of sunlight into all parts of the building. The main circulation is external, surrounding the patio.

JOH3 - Apartmenthouse Johannisstraße 3, Berlin

J. MAYER H. Project Team: Juergen Mayer H., Hans Schneider, Wilko Hoffmann, Filipa Frois Almeida
J. MAYER H. Competition Team: Juergen Mayer H., Thorsten Blatter, Marcus Blum

Invited competition 2008, 1st Prize
Project: 2008-2011
Completion: Spring 2011
Client: Euroboden Berlin GmbH, München

Architect on Site: Architekturbuero Wiesler, Stuttgart with Thomas Quinten Projektmanagement, Berlin
Structural Engineers: EiSat GmbH, Berlin
Building Services: Ingenieurgesellschaft Striewisch mbH

Model: Werk5, Berlin
Model Photographer: Ludger Paffrath, Berlin
Visualization: Buenck + Fehse, Berlin

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