Titus Bernhard Architekten

House 11×11 . Munich

Titus Bernhard Architekten . Photos © Jens Weber . Orla Conolly . + dezeen

The idea behind House 11 x 11 was to design an apparently compact house of homogenous materials, with a low external surface but as large a usable area as possible, a house that serves a family as an inhabitable sculpture and shows its exterior as an image of the inner organization.

House 11 x 11 is an icon for its users, symbolic and built with a new method of construction: the exterior walls and the wooden roof made of prefabricated elements are covered by a vertical wood-lamella façade without counter-battens, converging on the ridge of the roof.
A pronounced graphic character is the result, reinforced by the variable density and very precise setting of the lamellae, including the integration of the wooden window frames.
The inner organization expresses itself in the open-plan floor space of the ground floor, containing a kernel for secondary uses as a space continuum, connecting optically with the upper story by means of airspaces and cleverly designed lighting.

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