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new office interior . InventDesign . Amsterdam

Chris Collaris Design in collaboration with Teresa Avellà

Chris Collaris Design has designed a new office interior for LED design and production company InventDesign in Amsterdam.

The office and workshop interior is designed to provide a light and comfortable working environment on two floors for 25 people. The office spaces, service units and production workshops are connected by illuminated walls with plaid-shape LED strips. The main goal of the interior design is to create a light and relaxed environment for creative interaction and concentrated work. The interior design has been made in an existing office building, which has been changed in it’s structural system.
InventDesign asked for an interior with a clear identity based on the products they make, in a friendly inviting and playful way without loosing its professional character. Some key interior elements of the existing building were kept into the new design, like the lower ceiling frames which are used as the structural open grid for the ceiling LED strips. In this way the plaid-shape LED strips of the illuminated walls jump towards the ceiling. All the office desk are specially designed for InventDesign, even the office lights with drippin’ rubber bases and the big cabinet sliding doors with comic pictures.
The workshop space on the ground floor has been made as light and flexible as possible, although a certain number of working benches were needed for optimal production. The racks, base of tables and stools and light armatures are in plain white, the same colour as the walls and ceilings. This resembles the atmosphere of a LED production lab. The storeroom is designed with an optimal grid of storage racks with black walls and ceiling. This part of the building is also connected to the basement, which is used as a LED experience space.

The clean white image of the office on the first floor is part of the main LED design of the walls and ceilings. The white coloured surfaces will mirror the plaid-shape LED stripes towards every angle of the space. The different rooms on the first floor are separated by big glass walls and doors, which make the first floor one space for working and meeting.
With the interior design Chris Collaris Design looks for a solution to multiple questions and demands from the client at the same time. The conceptual story of the company, it’s working method, it’s character and it’s working power is incorporated into the complete interior design from it’s casco base towards the product design.

The interior design will be finished in May 2013.

Copyrights design: Chris Collaris Design, in collaboration with Teresa Avellà

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