Javier Velo Correa


Javier Velo Correa . + isarch

This building is located between two main public spaces in Madrid's historic center. The purpose of the design is to link both Santa Barbara square and the new Barcelo Market area, creating a continuous urban and green space. Not in a direct and diagonal way but creating a feeling of continuity through transparency and reflection.

The Design Hub splits into five different glass buildings with curved contours, adapting itself to the surroundings, embracing the nearby buildings and opening itself to the squares. All buildigs have gaps in the ground floor, allowing people to cross them and gain acces to the buildings, the book shop, the store, the restaurant, and the public underground space. The upper levels are the areas for Fashion, Object and Space design studios, hotdesks, library and offices. There is a narrow separation between the fagades here, light being filtered by the high tech glass materials, that iclude a microscopic metallic screen and argon gas chambers. On the contrary, the underground space is open and suitable for exhibitions and conferences. It can be easily divided using moving walls.

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