Sarah Sze

Triple Point . 2013

Triple Point (Observatory) . 2013

Venice Biennale . photos: Tom Powel Imaging © Sarah Sze . + U.S. Pavilion

Since the 1990s, Sarah Sze has developed a sculptural aesthetic that transforms space through radical shifts in scale, colonizing peripheral spaces, engaging with the history of a building, and altering the viewer’s perception and experience of architecture through large scale, site-specific interventions. Triple Point brings together many of the ideas that Sze has developed during her practice. Central to the exhibition is the notion of the “compass” and the desire to locate ourselves in a disorienting world. Each of the rooms of the United States Pavilion functions as an experimental site, in which objects attempt to become instruments or assemblages that seek to measure or model the universe. The aspiration to model complexity—and the impossibility of that undertaking—is a key theme in Triple Point.
Venice Biennale U.S. Pavilion

Triple Point (Planetarium) . 2013

Triple Point (Eclipse) . 2013

Triple Point (Rotunda) . 2013

Triple Point (Pendulum) . 2013

Triple Point (Gleaner) . 2013

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