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Vault House . Oxnard

Johnston Marklee . photos: © Eric Staudenmaier . + wallpaper . world-architects

Vault House is situated on a densely developed Californian beach site and challenges the standard prime, single-view typology by applying a strategy of complex layering of transparent interior spaces.

With a series of stacked and unidirectional vaults contained within a simple solid mass, the parallel orientation of the rooms within the house becomes a filter that emphasizes the continuation of the oceanfront view from the beachfront façade to the street. Similar to the paradigm of a shotgun-house, the singular direction of the vaults maximizes the connection of all spaces within a deep building, meanwhile incorporating the ideal exterior landscape of the ocean and horizon.

Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee(Johnston Marklee)
Katrin Terstegen
Andri Luescher
Nicholas Hofstede
Anna Neimark
Anton Schneider
Yoshi Nagamine
Ryan Roettker

Structural Engineer
William Koh & Associates
RJP Construction

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