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Duo Towers . Paris

Ateliers Jean Nouvel . + e-architect

On April 24th 2012, Ateliers Jean Nouvel qualified for the Duo project initiated by investors Ivanhoe Cambridge and the client Hines.

The project includes a mixed-use building complex with offices, hotel, retail stores surfacing 105.250 sq meters on the BA3 plot in the Bruneseau-Masséna district situated within the urban development project "Paris-Rive gauche". The B3A plot with a surface area of 8.800 sq meters is situated on the eastern border of the Bruneseau-Masséna. It is lined in the east side by the circular boulevard and in the south side by the railway network of the train station Paris-Austerlitz. The project consists of two towers: a 180 meters high office tower with retrail stores on the ground floor and another tower approximatively 120 meters high ment to house a hotel as well as retail stores and offices.

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