Camps+Felip Arquitecturia

artist studio . Girona

Josep Camps+Olga Felip Arquitecturia . + architects journal . photos: © José Hevia

An artist needed an 80m2 studio in the garden of his house and asked us if we were able to do it for a 34.000 € cost (£27.000). We accepted the challenge and along with a local carpenter we proceed in a way that could be built in just three weeks, also not to bother the quotidian day life of the house. In order to do this, we decided for a prefabricated wood system that could be previously prepared in the workshop and then just assembled on site.
The “L” shaped house generates a square garden in which there is a huge ash. We wanted to keep the magnificent tree and focus the views to the corners of the garden and so, we avoided to see the house from the inside of the studio.
The plan of the studio is cross-shaped, where the main working space is double-height while the other four wings that gravitate around accommodate the entrance, the storage, the sink and the living area.

Location: Girona, Spain
Type of project: artist studio
Architect Aquitecturia: – Olga Felip and Josep Camps
Technical architect: Joaquim Via
Structural engineer: GMK Group

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