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Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos to restore and extend the Archaeological Museum Munich.

The planning of the restoration and extension of the Archaeological Museum in Munich has started. 40 years after its original construction the museum shall be adapted to the technical and museum specific requirements of today. The building, originally designed by the architecture office of Werz / Ottow, was constructed in 1970 – 1975. It is home to the Archaeological State Collection of Bavaria and the central museum of archaeology in Bavaria.
Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos applied for the task of the restoration and extension in a European award procedure that was organized by Bavarian Building Authorities in August this year. They have succeeded with their design approach over 4 competing offices in the final stage of the procedure.
The design of Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos proposes an extension of the museum with a large 700 sqm big annexe for the temporary exhibition below ground, respecting the existing architecture. The architectonical topic of the existing presentation cubes is further developed in the new building. Underneath the previously open space alongside the Himbselstraße the new special exhibitions hall is constructed without columns. After the completion, a garden will be created on the roof scape that can be used by the neighbouring day care centre. The design of the garden is intended as an “Archaeological Garden”.
Visible signs of the new underground extension are the skylight cubes that allow a natural illumination of the special exhibition areas. A new building cube will also accentuate the main entrance of the museum at Lerchenfeldstraße. The cladding of the skylight cubes as well as the new entrance will use corten steel corresponding to the facades of the existing building. All facades of the existing building are in need of refurbishment that will take into careful consideration the original design ideas of Helmut von Werz in terms of form and material.

Helmut von Werz is one of the most important Munich architects of the post world war reconstruction that together with his partners Johann Christoph Ottow, Erhard Bachmann and Michel Marx greatly influenced the city scape of Munich.

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