SANAA . + Sifang Parkland

The base lies in the core area of the CIPEA exhibition, a peninsula standing out slightly of the water. The villa has a very clear spatial arrangement-separation between the transportation and functional zones.

The oval glass circular corridor, as a transportation zone, undulates with the landform and merges into the water supporting the base as a whole, along which scatters the seven cubes as the working room (living room), the restroom, the guest room, the conference room, and the swimming pool, etc. The idea behind the design is an interlocked circular, without signs of direction except that the isolated circular corridor is the only transporting route defined precisely. Through the corridor, you can easily arrive anywhere within the building to have an overall view of the surrounding landscapes, and the corridor functions are as the connecting belt between the external environment and the other functional sections within the building. Besides, that is the external space other than the corridor and the rooms with great potential possibilities rather than and definition on the route and behaviors.
Here, the arrangements of spotted space and the subtle space limitation render themselves the dispersed, but clear focus of the exhibition zone without traces.

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