Bureau Mécanique

3-Lichter Hotel . Mannheim

Bureau Mécanique

Construction works transform the city. During construction and refurbishment periods, pavements and walls are covered with outgrowths urban dwellers eye are used to. The 3-Lichter Hotel plays with this habit to create the illusion of a current construction site.

Distracted passers-by won’t linger on 3-Lichter Hotel but the most curious one will see a little strange house in it. During the night, the lamppost around wich the hotel is built, illuminates the light wooden frame of a little house perched on stilts that looks the river.
The room can welcome two people. Guests feel disguised and secured thanks to this kind of trompe-l’oeil. The 3-Lichter Hotel stimulates their imagination : at four meters in the air, it’s both easy to get to, and to have a sweet feeling of height. Its thin walls let the city noises and lights go through. The guests come here to sleep, hear and experience the city around, without being affraid or being disturbed. The large window is an ideal observation post of the river. Diverting the municipal lighting from their primary use gives the impression of a trangression just like a children building a hut. Inside 3-Lichter Hotel is everything adjustable from the bed : the intensity of the lamppost and the opening of the window are manually adjustable by a simple system of ropes and pulleys.
The 3-Lichter Hotel is like a hut that gives the illusion of a construction site. The material used is essentially material from the municipal services. The entire project will be adapted according to what is available on the spot. Walls are made of pallets, scaffolding balustrade and a light wooden framework covered by a tarpaulin. The aim hereby is to give the borrowed objects their primary use, and to produce as little waste as possible once the 3-Lichter Hotel will be taken down.
People come sleep in the 3-Lichter Hotel to experience a special environment as Neckarpromenade with no fear of being disturbed, as in the 3-Lichter Hotel you sleep up, in a strange little lighted house.

3-Lichter Hotel by Nathalie Fournier, Cécile Roturier, Camille Delaunay, Simon Durand, Benjamin Le Roux, Mathieu Le Roux, Pablo Ruamps.

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