Sarig . Shveka

War and Peace . Neve Chicago

Designers: Alon Sarig, Nir Shveka . Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Architecture . Tutors: Zvi Efrat, Natanel Elfassy, Tomer Harary, Iddo Ginat

The town of Neve Chicago, was founded on the land of former ‘Tel HaShomer’ military base, under the strict emergency regulations governed by the state of Israel. It was erected as an answer to a rapidly changing reality whereby the traditional boundaries between the civil-military are entangled and practically vanishing.

It is a reality in which the relationships between civilian inhabitants and security forces become complex and contaminated - while the distinction between offence and defence and the conventional differentiation between war and peace appear to be irrelevant.
Neve Chicago, was born as an alternative architectural process to the industrial military bases which operated under the same old technique - seeking to combine between the ultimate zionist vision of ‘The people’s Army model’ to a governmental mission of settling new jewish communities in the desert.
The Israeli Chicago, is evolution in reverse, suggesting convergence and folding rather than territorial expansion and mechanical reproduction. It operates as a ground zero for micro militant urbanism that draws civil knowledge from the wisdom of war.

That project was part of ׳post brutalism' unit instructed by professor arc. Zvi Efrat and Arc. Natanel Elfassy

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12 de noviembre de 2014, 13:07 Unknown dijo...

La sociedad israelí está enferma, el odio y desprecio sionista a la vida llega hasta cotas que nunca pude imaginar y este trabajo académico es la más clara prueba de ello. Son unos genocidas.

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