Estudio Lunar . Henrich + Artigues

Ørestad Syd . Copenhagen

Estudio Lunar . Jordi Henrich + Jaume Artigues . Lieux-Dits SAS

Ørestad stretches about five kilometers from the centre of Copenhagen to the Kalvebod Fælled nature reserve. Ørestad Syd will become the most southern urban extension of it. The clear edge existing nowadays along city and nature wants to get dissolved in order to recreate a new gateway from urban to nature and vice versa.

Byliv i Birkelunden is a wavy landscape of small hills introducing the open natural space in Ørestad under the quality of a very generous urban grove of birches. On the opposite side the main avenue starting from the metro station opens gradually towards the landscape as an urban balcony which offers the main activities and commercial spaces of the new neighborhood.
At both sides of the clash between nature and urban, a new intensive neighborhood will grow on several towers with its minimum footprint, giving away the maximum of open space between the slopes and under the trees to host a real urban life. This green carpet is not only offering a soft landscape, through the use of the section is also sheltering citizens from the wind and applies different qualities and identities by the different uses of a ¨urban sport circuit¨ spread all over the new district.

project name Ørestad Syd: Byliv i Birkelunden | Masterplan kalvebodkvarteret Vest, Ørestad Syd, Copenhagen - Denmark
assignment Restricted competition entry | urban planning
client By & Havn
size 21 ha
team Estudio Lunar, Jordi Henrich + Jaume Artigues, Lieux-Dits SAS

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