Souto De Moura . Correia

Audiovisual Auditorium | Robinson Factory Reconversion . Portalegre

Eduardo Souto De Moura . Graça Correia . photos: © Christian Richters

The Audiovisual Auditorium, a new construction, performs the dual function of finishing the line of adapted constructions into the International Centre for Virtual Reality (ICT-VR) and the Music Auditorium, while creating a reference on the street mainly by the opening space in front of the Tourism and Hotel School, to which implementation it suits. It is essentially an equipment to support the School also functioning together with the Music Auditorium.

One of the Plan’s ideas is that all infrastructures should be shared so both auditoriums are technically equipped and infrastructured appropriately to their specificities. Thus, the Audiovisual Auditorium will be directed to conventional classes or using audiovisual media projection, lectures and conferences, presentations, thesis, etc., being referred to the Music Auditorium, the specifics needed to use almost exclusively for musical activities and representation. This building was thought with a building system and image that refers to the configuration of the various “metal machines” – authentic sculptures that point the whole factory. Like these, the infrastructure and pipelines are apparent and are part of the composition of the elevations.

Eduardo Souto de Moura + Graça Correia
Fundação Robinson
Ana Neto Vieira, Nuno Miguel Ferreira, Telmo Gervásio Gomes, Ricardo Cardoso, Pedro Gama, Hugo Natário, Inês Ruas, Rita Breda, Luís Diniz, Nuno Vasconcelos, Ana P. Carvalho, Ana L. Monteiro, João Marques, Maurícia Bento, Elisama Reis
Engº. Estruturas GOP – Gabinete de Organização de Projectos, Lda
Engº. Hidráulica GOP – Gabinete de Organização de Projectos, Lda
Engº. Electricidade GPIC – Gabinete de Projectos, Consultadoria e Instalações, Lda
Engº. Inst.Mecânicas GET – Gestão de Energia Térmica, Lda

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