filipe magalhães

library . gaia

courtesy of filipe magalhães

It was intended to occupy a block of complex ge- ometry, in the urban mesh of vila nova de gaia, by a library that would generate approximately 3,800 m2 of indoor areas. the memory of a former gaia, connected to the port wine, is forgotten, only visible at distance, in a marginal different from other times, and, in its place, comes a new reality, a new urban area, marked by the growing importance of the car. between the new expressway and the boiling blocks, the proposal appears as a single movement, attempted to seize the land, managing its complex- ity. demarcating itself from the noise of the environ- ment and with only one floor, the library presents a massive and continuous image, in apparent con- crete, broken by the route of entry, end of the wall of support. this route, physically outside but occa- sionally internalized, summarizes the genesis of the proposal: all the distributions appear through halls, free of program, visually connected. large spaces, of being, and tightness of spaces, passages, flow through winding geometries, following the game be- tween the white of the walls, filled, and the random vain, empty. the definition of this hybrid spaces, common, addresses access to all programs. the vol- ume is based on the cube of granite. legating plastic- ity to coverage, involves itself with natural elements, becoming just another actor in the everyday life.

+ orientation by architect adalberto dias
+ selected for anuária 09 exhibition
+ finalist at secil universidades 09

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