Alexander Brodsky

Rotunda . Nikolo-Lenivets

photos courtesy of: Yuri Palmin Architectural Photography . Arkh-Stoyaniye fest

Brodsky’s Rotunda is a small building in the field. It is placed in an important viewpoint, from where one has a great panoramic view of the surroundings. It exists for one to be able to enter, set a fire in a small fireplace and enjoy the landscape. The rotunda is oval-shaped. At a lower level its perimeter is made of multiple doors, each of which can be opened. The doors were taken from the old houses, which have been destroyed. The interior of the rotunda is a 6-meter tall open space, belted with a gallery of the narrow windows at the 3-meter height, with a fireplace in the centre. One can enjoy a view of the landscape opening the doors or looking through the windows at the gallery level, as well as one can climb a flat roof by a ladder. Structurally, rotunda is a planked timber carcass. The whole building is painted white.

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