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Wallpaper City House . Basel

Marchal + Fürstenberger Architekten . wallpaper

What is life like in cities today? What are people's daily requirements? What basic infrastructure does a house need in addition to that offered by the whole city? People today are nomads. They move from city to city looking for new professional challenges and new friends or simply in search of change. Unburdened by too many belongings, they reduce the functions of their abodes to a very few, such as sleeping, eating and working. At the same time, they require their homes to be flexible and practical. In the Steinen-Vorstadt, the cinema and restaurant street in the middle of Basel, Switzerland, there is a plot of undeveloped land. A few years ago, a house was demolished there, to provide the building behind it with easier access to the street. The resulting alleyway is, however, scarcely used and cannot be justified, in terms of either urban development or need. The modular structure of the City House Project for Wallpaper is based on the simple outline of the ideal house drawn intuitively by every child. This ideal house will be adapted lengthwise, so that very small rooms and functions can be accommodated along the vast exterior wall.

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