Adamo Faiden Architecture

Conesa 4560 Building . Buenos Aires

courtesy of Adamo Faiden Architecture 

Located in the neighborhood of Saavedra, the Mackenna square garden is the location chosen for the construction of a building comprising nine apartments and three studios. The square has an open-public central space surrounded by dense vegetation that is interrupted only when confronted with the intervention plot. The building assumes the leading role suggested by this neighborhood scene, seizing its atmosphere as a structuring condition for the project. A central courtyard links two blocks through an open-air promenade that leads to each unit entrance. The apartments try to continue the house tradition that defined this neighborhood for years, gathering today in the same plot as a result of the increased density produced in this part of the city. Each unit was designed as a small house that includes a generous expansion, making possible the appearance of multiple open-air activities, such as happens in the square that the building has at its own feet.

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