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House of Trough . Hokkaido

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The site is located east of Hokkaido and the project was designed for a couple. Surroundings this site there is a neighboring house to the east and another house’s garage to the north. Preserving or framing the view was no hight priority since there is an iron factory on the south side. To the west of the house is the neighbors garden; however, there is no way to predict how this area will change over time. I designed with the consideration of climate, environment and surrounding context.

Non-depend view to surroundings

At this site, I decided to set a buffer zone on the north and south side of the house with LDK set at the center of the two buffer zones. Strong light inserts this buffer zones and the floor of south buffer zone reflects the light to ceiling, with diffusion light that enters through the curtains. The 3rd floor slab adjusts insolation as like an eaves.

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