Museum . Jøssingfjord 


SEA and GARK's have proposed a new sustainable building for Jøssingfjord Museum. The new museum is the centre point for visitors coming to experience the sublime landscape and cultural attractions of Jøssingfjorden. The building is gently raised from the ground so the landscape and small mountain lakes flow seamlessly under the building. Furthermore a fresh air courtyard and openings in the facades and roof enables the visitors to be in constant dialogue with nature.

Project: Jøssingfjord Museum , Norway Type: International Competition Client: Dalanerådet Year: 2011 Programme: Exhibition areas, café, shop, auditorium and administration Area: 2.200m2 Status: Idea Collaborators: G Arkitekter Consultants: LuxigonTeam: Karsten Gori, Uffe Leth and Gaute Stray Jensen [G.Ark]

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