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The primary target of the project is the creation of a new urban settlement linked at the same time to the fabric of the city (both the well-established town and the area of the new master plan) and to the natural environment
Instead of confirming the longitudinal strategy indicated by the masterplan, that steers the urban fabric through monofunctional strips parallel to Daugava River, our project believes in the need to create a break, a discontinuity in comparison with the overall strategy expected for this area.

The design strategy is in fact easily summarizable: thanks to the concentration of most part of the residential and public buildings in a multifunctional platform, placed perpendicularly to the main arteries – the water and the transport artery – it’s possible to shape a big park that expands from the interior to the riverfront.
It means high density for the building area, a density that sets free the existing green area. This way masterplan’s aims are not just confirmed but even accentuated: thanks to the chosen strategy it’s possible to produce a multiplicity of wide (a “real” park, a “real” square, a “real” riverfront) addressed to the entire population of Riga; it’s possible to give public facilities (as the panoramic auditorium placed at the end of the platform that hold a dialogue with the Riga Tower, the public promenade that creates a new point of view for the city and provides different functions, etc.); it’s possible to provide the area with commercial facilities under the platform that serve the entire competition area, and at last to create a new monumental element – the main tower – that with its height hold a dialogue with the other historical symbols of the city.
Last but not least, the strategy is developed taking sustainability as the focus point, in order to create an eco-district as well explained in the following sheets. Sustainability permitted by the density chosen for the building area: a reduced but intensive footmark that sets free the ground level.

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