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Spiral House . Combertault

Powerhouse Company . photos: Bas Princen . more: archdaily

Commissioned by a young family of wine makers, the new wing to the old Burgundy farm house hosts the visiting guests of the family. With a large living room and a series of guest rooms the extension is not only an invitation into their home, but also to experience the picturesque of the surrounding landscape. Set in the middle of a generous plot of 13.000m2, with a small river and a wide variety of old ornamental trees, the Spiral House enjoys the sweet and pastoral charm of the landscape of Burgundy.

Despite its traditional architecture, the existing house was struggling to inhabit and occupy the large garden. By contrast the Spiral House expands freely in the garden. Both are involved in a gentle swing from the ground floor to the roof level creating a wide variety of spaces, living conditions and domestic moments. It establishes a new set of relationships between the house and the garden allowing the architecture and landscape to interact.

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