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New Drawing and Illustration Centre of ABC . MADRID

Aranguren & Gallegos Arquitectos . photos courtesy of João Pereira de Sousa . + archello

“Architecture is a mixture of NOSTALGIA and ANTICIPATION, the co-existence of history and vanguard”.

The new Drawing and Illustration Centre of ABC appears with the will to become an artistic reference at an international level and also a symbol of the cultural offer in Madrid.

Its installation in the building of the old factory in Calle Amaniel, must respond to an intervention that is appropriate for a historical building, without renouncing to express its contemporanean centre nature with a wide cultural and artistic offer linked to the most avant-garde institutions within our context.

The current building provides access from two streets, connecting these with an internal patio.

One of these accesses is currently offered under a one-floor high, longitudinal building body closing the internal patio towards the street.
The main doors for access to the new ABC Centre are considered on this front. The aforementioned longitudinal body is restructured for this, as a large translucent glass “beam” that works as the lintel of a gap for passage to the internal patio. The cafeteria will be housed inside this, with the basement floor of the new centre receiving light through a glass floor for access to the patio.

Museo ABC. Centro de Dibujo e Ilustración. Calle Amaniel 29-31.
Arquitectos: María José Aranguren López y José González Gallegos.
Colaboradores: Arturo Alberquilla, Pablo Aranguren, Luis Burriel, Pablo Fernández, Simón Francés, Mónica Fresno, Blanca Juanes, Roberto Ortiz de Landázuri, José Antonio Rodríguez, José Antonio Tallón.
Arquitecto técnico: Jacobo Arenal Frías.
Instalaciones y estructuras: Valladares Ingeniería.

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