David Kohn Architects

Clapham Terrace

David Kohn Architects

Remodelling of a mid C18th army barracks in Leamington Spa into a family house. The barracks were originally converted into housing in 1878 with parts of the complex demolished in subsequent years. Due to the institutional scale of the original building the current house has unusually large common parts but poor amenity spaces such as the bathrooms and kitchen.

 The rear of the house faces onto a backstreet that was once the barracks parade ground. Our proposal reinstates the back elevation as a face to the building to create what the architect Peter Smithson termed a Janus building. The proportions of the rear extension are reminiscent of the Georgian public facades of the nearby town centre. An amoeba-shaped window lightens the formality of the elevation and provides a view from the new kitchen to the back street and local playground beyond.

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