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Can Ricart . Casa de les LLengues . Barcelona

Miralles - Tagliabue | EMBT . Linguamón

The factory complex of Can ricart, in the technological district of 22@ of Barcelona, will host the future headquarters of the house of the languages, that seeks to promote and protect humanity's linguistic heritage, as well as to give visibility to the Catalan language in the world.

The basic starting point for this rehabilitation project is the conservation and revitalization of a valuable architectural heritage site.
We are aware of the fact that we will be working in an environment that has already been inhabited. It has been a workplace for over 150 years and it has a history that wants to be passed on... Here all periods live together, with no distances between them.

This project is born from the desire to learn from the existing building, to allow it to talk to us, for the surviving parts of it to inspire us (from its structure to the smallest details and objects that have been found there, the graffiti...)

It’s all about making the most of its compositional, formal and historical qualities, adding the required facilities for a modern public building.

Executive Project
Prize Concurso “CASA DE LES LLENGÚES” en el recinto Industrial de CAN RICART.

Barcelona, Primer Premio, Junio 2007

Client Linguamón Casa de Les Llengües
Generalitat de Catalunya

Architects Benedetta Tagliabue
Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Collaborators Project leader: Joan Callís

Valentina Noris, Eugenio Cirulli, Alessia Bettazzi, Salvador Gilabert, Jack O’kelly, Stefan Geenen, Doris Tarchópulos, Giovanni Cetto, Elena Rocchi, Vaiva Simounaite, Alessandra Deidda, Cristina Salvi, Fosca Tortorelli, Paola Lodi, Ivan Grippaldi, Fernanda Riotto Fernandes, Jorge Lopez Diaz, Noam Brokman, Georgina Monica Lalli, Silvia Cama, Susana Osés, César Trujillo Moya

Render: Giuseppe Fanara

Models Gabriele Rotelli, Waldemar Wilwer, Quentin Delanoy, Silvia Toffano, Lucrezia Bonaccorsi, Alessandro Scognamiglio, Giuseppe Trupia, Dora Duran, Cássia de Godoy Lima, Barbara Asnaghi, Shavleg Chichiashvili, Iker Azlola, Alessandro Scognamiglio.

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