Fredrik Sjölander

recycling center in the Vanadismountain . Stockholm

courtesy of Fredrik Sjölander

The project is an information for a recycling center in the Vanadismountain in Stockholm. The center is located on the entrance to the mountain.
The mountain was excavated in the 60s to make room for 200 garbage trucks and in 2005 opened the recycling center. Thanks to its unique location, it has great pressure from the inner city dwellers and they often get requests from schools on field trips that they want to come and learn about recycling.

Visitors make a hike on three floors of exhibition space and a visit to vanadisberget and recycling. The exhibition follows a number of items. From how they are created, they are used, the hose and finally recovered to the new. The exhibition has practical elements like Tom Tit and encouraging visitors to participate and explore. Visit may be help to sort different metals, grind down old newspapers into new paper or the construction of new objects from old.

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