Gonçalo Frias

Escuela de flamenco . Jerez

courtesy of InternationalContestA

The form of the museum follows the existing urban fabric of the historic city of Jerez, with its irregular plan and massive blocks of buildings, with its beautiful "patios" in between that serve as private space of but also public space in some of them, and giving to the city a certain character.
The museum functions as one of this blocks,the coutyard in the middle is the main heart of the block and from there another forms are extended until the limits,following a certain order and trying to make a connection with the surrondings working the form in the direction of existing streets and buildings, the museum pretends to be part of the city form, and its characterize as different from others by it's uni­fied character.

The construction and structure of the museum insider pretends to be very simple.The rectan­gular blocks that contain the program are sup­ported by big pan of walls in different direction and openings that allow a certain flexibility on the movement inside the museum and school, these openigs are protected by curtains that separate the different rooms, the walls are con­nected by a big slab that unifies all these rec­tangular forms, the museum its very open to the streets and to the city and the idea its thatt people can easily have acess to it and can choose to go to the school, or o the museum or being in an outside perfomance of flamenco in the main courtyard, were also the spectator can seat in a floor above around it and relaxing or eating in the restaurant attached to it.
The materilization of the museum it's made as certain litteral aspect of the interpretation of the Flamenco dance, the red curtains that are in the openings are as a dressing of a flamenco dancer and represents the main color of fla­menco, the walls painted in white plaster are directly connected to the existing city and give a certain distinct character between the red curtains ,the spaces of the dancing are big and, the spectator is around these spaces and the dancers are the main piece of these space,the wood floor and the high of this space amplifies the sounds and movements of the flamenco.

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