NYC Real Estate and Zoning  = Architectural Innovation!

All New York City Skyscrapers are reflections of a single major and dominating metric – zoning ordinances. The ubiquity of this system and its constraints has defined a de-facto Manhattan vernacular, becoming a set of indigenous design principles but unfortunately also perceived by many to be an unyielding entity in which any deviation is met with suspicion and skepticism. The REZ Tower is a proposal that seeks to evolve the notion of a Manhattan Skyscraper through an explicit exploitation of city zoning laws, seeking to understand them as a guideline for new architecture forms.

NYC Zoning is Fun Again!

It was over fifty years ago that New York City zoning ordinances were architecturally imagined by designer Hugh Ferris, launching a new gilded age of high rises. We seek to build upon his groundbreaking work for a society and market that is significantly less gilded, but nonetheless hungry for innovation. Manhattan’s complex myriad of zoning laws, floor area constraints, and height restrictions are to be exploited for the generation of a new formal language for a New York skyscraper…

The New York Vernacular

In the world of New York high rises the game of maximizing square footage within zoning and setback limits have produced its own distinctive architectural language. We intend to maximize and architecturalize.

I I Want to Be a Part of It! New York!

Working in conjunction with the Durst Development Corporation (Condi-Nast Times Square, Bank of America Building), a new proposal for a landmark skyscraper is to be designed on 42nd street and 3rd Avenue.

The Vagabond Shoes are Melting Away

The entire city block consisting of 237, 600 sq ft of buildable space is analyzed and its zoning constraints utilized for the main development of the Tower’s most unique trait – its formal massing. Such a design process yields a distinctive highrise design that different from any building in Manhattan though still within the constraints of rigid zoning constraints.


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