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Regiocentrale Zuid Levee Control Center . Maasbracht

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Regiocentrale Zuid is a levee and water coordination centre for a large section of the river Meuse that will bring formerly scattered water management locations under one roof

Regiocentrale Zuid will serve as a water and levee coordination centre for a section of the river Meuse–a water body serving vital purposes at both the European and global scales. Next to being an important transport route for inland shipping, the river’s banks accommo- date agriculture, wildlife, and recreational activities. The river’s water is used for drinking, as well as industrial processes – such as cooling – while its summer bed is an important source of sand and gravel.

Forming the base of a long-term water management strategy within the Netherlands, Re- giocentrale Zuid will direct bridges and sluices between Maastricht and Venlo. Alongside the mechanical instrumentation, a lobby, nautical training centre, and public educational facilities have also been incorporated. The polygonal volume, with its cantilevered rounded corners, is largely defined by the central operational and working spaces, while an inner void shapes the core. Prominent positioning corresponds to this multiplicity of functions, and the site’s contours.

As the facility is required to operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day, privacy measures and residential qualities have been incorporated into the design; translucent curtains anticipate changing acoustics, lighting, and viewing conditions. A roof terrace offers a panoramic view of the vast surroundings, compensating for the absence of an immediate ground garden.

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