Maritime Youth House . Copenhagen

PLOT . Photos: Julien de Smedt, Mads Hilmer, Esben Bruun, Paolo Rosselli . + archdaily

Instead of using 25% of the project's budget, originally allocated by the client to clean the polluted soil of the site, we discovered that the pollution was made of heavy metals and therefore stable. So if the seabed was kept undisturbed there was no need to remove or clean it. Instead we laid out a wooden deck over the entire site thus spending money for the architecture rather than the harmful and invisible contamination. Two clients had to share the facilities: A sail club and a youth house and their requirements were conflicting: The youth house wanted outdoor space for the kids to play; the sail club needed most of the site to moor their boats. The building is the result of these two contradictory demands: The deck is elevated to allow for boat storage underneath while still letting kids run and play above on the curving and winding landscape

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partner in charge: Bjarke Ingels . project . leader: Finn Nørkjær . project architect: Thomas Christoffersen . team: Annette Jensen . Bo Benzon . Henning Stüben Henrik Juul Nielsen . Jesper Wichmann . Jørn Jensen . Mads H. Lund . Marc Jay . Nina Ter-borch . Xavier Pavia Pages

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16 de febrero de 2012, 18:58 OVIII dijo...

Nice! Good old days of PLOT. A+U magazine did a feature on PLOT ( along with two other emerging practices) back in 2005:

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