John Pawson

The Martyrs Pavilion . St Edward's School . Oxford

+ John Pawson . plain space . photos:  © Gilbert McCarragher

This project creates a new cricket pavilion for St Edward’s School, Oxford – a distinctive landmark in the heart of the campus, which is also dynamic in use.

Reduced to its functional core, the contemporary cricket pavilion is a viewing platform providing shelter from the elements, as well as changing facilities for opposing sides, a setting for the convivial match tea and a context for a sporting memorabilia.
The key architectural challenge lies in generating the best possible configuration of interior space and then enclosing this layout in the simplest way possible: here, two clearly legible horizontal elements, plinth and roof, with cantilevered overhangs creating shaded terraces. Colour and texture are used to add warmth and richness to this rigorously pared down form.

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