Europan 11 . Rødovre

courtesy of SLETH

Rødovre is situated right on the edge of the uninterrupted urban fabric of Copenhagen in the ring of dense suburbs surrounding the city.

Within a foreseeable future, this ring will be linked by a new public transport system that will act as a possible catalyst for development in these suburban areas.
Instead of creating a new centre we propose to connect locally the concentrations of activities. It is the potential of these activities that the project seeks to realize. The strategy focuses on reinforcement of the urban life in the heart of the activities and at the same time to qualify the connections between them. In order to achieve this goal, concentration of destinations need to be strengthened by adding new program to the existing activities. It is a typology for an urban life that could be implemented in other locations.
Islev Id is a new dynamic and identity creating hub for Islev and at the same time a social focal point for the whole area. The street and the Line of Islevbrovej create new possibilities of usage and spreads out the activities.
Islev Id invites all Islev citizens, users and guests – to active and recreational activities in new vivid surroundings.

Søren Leth, architect and urbanist, 36 (DK)
Rasmus Therkildsen, architect, 36 (DK)

Ingrid Eide, student of architecture, 29 (NO)
Jeppe Bonne Olsen, student of architecture, 26 (DK)
Andrius Ropolas, student of architecture, 24 (LIT)
Sylwia Bogdan, architect and urbanist, 31 (PL)

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