Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Oslofjord Conference Center (OCC) . Brunstad

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

The project for Oslofjord Conference Center (OCC) consist of the best of what Nordic culture and environment has to offer; a high quality mix of natural -and cultural landscapes and cityscapes.

OCC shall be developed into a beautiful and varied facility, that offer future oriented conference facilities, a unique site and architectural experiences. The project seeks to make an architecture that will radiate the inherent modern features and amenities, and at the same time be based upon and anchored in the sites history and culture. A modern conference center must have qualitative physical design and architecture in order to enhance business and peoples skills. The organization and design of OCC should reflect this through a variety of buildings and outdoor spaces with differentiated scale, design, materiality, volume and shape.
The project was developed in a robust and comprehensive way to meet the demands of professional organizations and events, but also to make it aa attractive place for families, both children and adolescents.

location: Brunstad, Stokke, Norway
program: Conference center with hotel and apartments, and sports facilities
client: Oslofjord Conference Center (OCC)
size: aprox. 110 000m2
commission type: Invited competition (2011)
status: Competition proposal
year: 2011

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