Erwin Heerich

Museum Insel Hombroich . Neuss


Just minutes from Düsseldorf, Germany, Museum Insel Hombroich fuses architecture, art and nature on over 62 acres of meadowland.

It is both a park and a museum where spaces are carefully designed so that the visitor experiences an effortless flow between structures and open air. The inception of Insel Hombroich occurred in 1982 when real estate broker Karl Heinrich Müller purchased Rosa Haus, an overgrown villa and garden built in 1816. At the time, Müller was looking for new ways to present his art collection and the Rosa Haus property held that potential. Müller's vision grew with support from local artists and architects. Landscape Architect Bernhard Korte set about restoring the old gardens and began planning minimalist landscapes. Sculptor Erwin Heerich's elemental sculptures became the design base for the gallery pavilions and artists from the Düsseldorf Academy of Art took up residence.

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