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Azahar is a group of companies related to Sustainability and Environment, devoted to topics such as waste recycling, landscaping, plant cover, among others.

The headquarters that will host this set of companies is located in an area of 5.6 ha next to the N-340 in Castellon de la Plana.
The project contemplates three actions: a building of corridors of 5 m repeated fifty times with a sloping deck, favoring the ventilation is cutting contour adjusting to the slope and increase the height as the gap and use of space (costumes, work area, machinery, warehouses, garages, etc.).
This angled deck, 250-metre long, receives treatment plant along its entire length, acting as a backdrop for the intervention.
The second area will be formed by nurseries and plantation area, as well as a Garden center at the north end of the field.
The administrative headquarters building is divided into two wings connected by a central body around two courtyards open, closing the distant landscape and establishing its own climate and relationship indoor / outdoor.

Architects: Carlos Ferrater, Núria Ayala
Team: Emilio Llobat, Teresa Ribeiro

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