Cabinets of Curious Characters


This project is a cabinet that collects many atmospheres into one thick comic book page, framing the very many worlds that the visitors become a part of. Each frame emits a sensibility visibly different from its neighbour.

The size, texture and shapes of the frames inform the physical posture of the inhabitant to sit, lean or recline. This installation is an invitation for visitors to walk into the picture frame and become a part of a story.
Like a collage, this project uses many references in art, culture and architecture. A cloud with silver lining. A small balcony for Juliet to greet Romeo. A room clad with rubber in the shape of a duck too low to stand up in. A welcome room with the check in / check out clad in golden colours with a shopgirl. Somewhere between the scale of a small building and oversized furniture, this proposal produces an obstruction that carves the negative into a diagram with two cul-de-sacs. There is a comic book mural along the longer wall against the frames of the cabinets. The photographs of the characters hanging out inside the frames will be together with the speech bubbles against fictional characters drawn in b/w.
Leader: Jimenez Lai

Team: Jimenez Lai, Trudy Watt, Andrew Akins, Katherine Ranieri, Zack Morrison

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