OMA's scenography features three temporary architectural devices that reinterpret the spaces of the theatre, which dates from the 5th century BCE.

The three interventions are dramatically exploited and adapted at strategic moments within the 48th summer's cycle of plays staged by the Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico, which also includes Euripides' Bacchae (dir. Antonio Calenda) and Aristophane's The Birds (dir. Roberta Torre).
The first intervention, the Ring, is a suspended walkway that completes the semi-circle of the terraced seating, encompassing the stage and the backstage, and giving actors an alternative way of entering the scene.
The Machine is a fully adaptable backdrop for the plays: a sloping circular platform, seven meters high, mirroring the amphitheater. The backdrop can rotate, symbolizing the passage of 13 centuries during Prometheus's torture; split down the middle, it can also be opened, allowing the entrance of the actors, and symbolizing dramatic events like the Prometheus being swallowed in the bowels of the earth.
The Raft, a circular stage for the actors and dancers, reimagines the orchestra space as a modern thymele, the altar that in ancient times was dedicated to Dionysian rites

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